Sunday, February 24, 2013

Writer's Block

I'm under deadline for an article and not feeling very creative, which makes this the perfect time to:
  • Dust window blinds
  • Crawl on floor and dust baseboards with old toothbrush
  • Launder dustrags
  • Walk Olivia
  • Brush Olivia
  • Post a picture of Olivia on Facebook
  • Ding Jenny, Terry and Don that it's their turn to play "Words with Friends"
  • Balance my checkbook
  • Remove all plates from dishwasher and manually wash instead
  • Walk Olivia again
  • Visit Netflix website and give Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a "liked it" rating. Who knew the Civil War was won because of silver bullets?
  • Scroll through 600 photos of Israel and search in vain for one, just one, picture of myself in which I look better than the camel
  • Blog about being under deadline and not feeling very creative.

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