Monday, January 16, 2012

A Weekend for the Dogs

I had so many things planned for this glorious three-day weekend, so many things.

For starters, there was a much-anticipated Saturday lunch date with my good friend, Terry. Not to mention errands to run, closets to clean, cars to wash and plants to prune. And my home office? Yikes. I had drawers to organize, papers to file, documents to shred and columns to write. Many, many columns. Oh yes, it was going to be such a productive weekend.

I did none of the above.

Instead, I rescheduled my date with Terry, forfeited all pending projects, and spent almost every minute with my greyhounds, Elvis and Olivia. My gut told me this was what I should do.

And so I did.

I took advantage of the unseasonably warm 70-degree weather and satisfied Olivia's youthful energy with long, leisurely, sun-filled walks. We hiked around the Lafayette reservoir, explored new streets in my neighborhood, and traipsed down the Iron Horse Trail.

When I wasn't walking Olivia, I was at home lying next to my elderly boy Elvis on his La-Z-Dog recliner. With one hand, I used my iPhone to capture blurry self-portraits of this special time while cradling his head in the crook of my free arm. I literally spent hours rubbing his tummy, skritching his ears and massaging his neck; telling him what a good boy he is and how much I love him. Elvis ate it up. Whenever my hand tired of the circular belly rubs, he would raise his head to nudge my chin with his needle nose, clearly saying, "You're not stopping, are you?" Uh, of course not. And I would resume.

Yes, it was a perfect three days, even if I did feel a bit guilty for letting so many errands slide. That is, until my friend Sharon helped put things in perspective.

"Who says every weekend has to be productive?" she emailed. "Instead, have a memorable weekend like this. You won't remember those where you run errands and clean, but you will remember one where you devoted all your time to those precious to you."

And she's right. So the closets didn't get cleaned and the car didn't get washed. Instead, I bonded with my new dog and spent cherished time with my beloved older boy who is fighting cancer. It was, indeed, a wonderful weekend.

Productive? Maybe not. But priceless? Absolutely.

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Richard A. Gylgayton said...

Sounds like you had a VERY productive produced a lot of LOVE!

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