Saturday, December 31, 2011

Toodle-oo 2011

Oh yeah, what a year. And I don't mean in a swell "let's do that again!" kind of way.

Without rehashing the details let's just say it's been a challenging year, from the death of one beloved dog, a terminal cancer in another, and the discovery of an extremely rare blood disease in myself.

Sometimes I've felt like the locusts must be right around the corner.

But around that same corner are people who have provided love and support during trying times: such as the countless expressions of sympathy I received when Lucy died, and the sincere concern and dismay expressed over Elvis' battle with cancer. My friends understand what my dogs mean to me.

There's my best friend, Pam, who took precious vacation days so she could sit with me during my own chemo treatments. Deb, who felt so helpless across the country in her new North Carolina home and downloaded books on her personal iPod so I'd have something to listen to during the five-hour sessions. My beloved "baby" sister Jennifer, who accompanied me to doctor appointments, holding my hand and reassuring me that everything would be okay.

Not to mention all the others who checked in constantly when they learned of my blood disorder and subsequent treatment; Calling, emailing, texting, asking how I was and what could they do for me. Not realizing they were already doing the most important thing:

Reminding me that I am loved.

And so, on this final day of 2011, this is what I want to remember: not the sadness, stress and tears, but the warm glow of love that emanates from my family and friends. This is what matters. This is what makes me strong. Happy. Blessed.

To you and yours, a very Happy 2012.

Eileen, Elvis & Olivia


Maria C. said...

Happy NEW year!

Too Gemini said...

Ooooh.... what a wonderful, reflective, philosophical, appreciative, post to close the year. How could we not love someone so wise and warm?

Your hair looks great btw!


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