Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Surprise

I have to admit, I approached my birthday this year with some degree of trepidation. Not for the typical anti-aging reasons (Honestly? I don't give a @#!k), but because it would be the first without my mom. My sister and I are still navigating all those precarious "firsts," never knowing how we might respond.

Talk about your roller coaster of emotions.

That's why it was a nice surprise to not just survive the dreaded day on Saturday, but actually enjoy it, despite the glaring absence of my beloved mom. The office greeting emailed to me on Friday (see photo) helped set the tone and put a smile on my face that never quite left the entire weekend.

On "D" day itself, I went to my sister's for our traditional family birthday dinner, followed with a vigorous evening playing Nintendo Wii. On Sunday, my best friend, Pam, treated me to a luxurious "girls day" of pampering at the Carnero Inn spa in Napa. My body was salt-scrubbed in spots that haven't seen the sun since Nixon was in office, and the facial and massage were to die for.

The entire weekend left me with a foreign feeling not felt in recent months: relaxed.

Yes, my birthday could have been difficult. Instead it was bittersweet. After all, this was the very first one of my entire life when I didn't get that traditional pre-dawn call teasing me, "How OLD are you???" The silence that morning was deafening.

But I discovered that Mom was with me just the same; I felt her spirit through the thoughtful, loving gestures of each and every friend who, in spite of the circumstances, helped make this a special day.


MAria C. said...

When, oh, when will I remember that your birthday is in January and not February? I think I've gotten it right ONCE.

Thinking of you and thinking that bittersweet is a pretty good grade for this milestone. You are blessed with wonderful friends and coworkers.

Love you!

tia said...



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