Friday, September 4, 2009

A Dreaded Day Comes to Pass

My mother died on Saturday, exactly three weeks and three days after being diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer. I can't begin to describe how it pains me to even write those words, let alone accept that they are real.

Mom was in the hospital last week, recovering beautifully from a hysterectomy and the removal of tumors in her abdomen where the cancer had spread. She was scheduled to come home Saturday morning and I was preparing to leave the house to pick her up when the phone rang.
I thought it was the hospital confirming she was being released. Instead, it was a doctor informing me that early that morning a blood clot had traveled to her lungs and despite an hour of CPR, they could not revive her. She remained on life support until family and friends could arrive to hold her hands and say goodbye.

Our hearts are broken beyond repair. My sister and I have lost not just a wonderful human being, but our beloved mother and our best friend.


LiveWorkDream said...

E, I don't even know how to begin to express my sympathy for your tragic, sudden, huge loss. It is a depth of heartbreak I have never felt, and can only imagine how much it's tearing you up inside. The fragility of life is just unreal.

I am so, so deeply sorry.

Know that love and comfort is being sent to you from many, many people from across the universe.

-Rene A.

Savannah Devilles said...

My mother died when I 12. I never really saw her much due to her ongoing sickness. No one really knew what she had until my sister died from the same thing at age 40, only on a different part of the body.

I sit here and wonder why God chose them so early. Why not me? Why are we here and not them ? Sometimes it just feels so wrong.

I think we are left here so people can read our tales and smile.

Tales that make people remember their mothers as we write about ours. Or bad days so horrific,yet funny that bus or Bart readers laugh out loud.

I know our mothers and sisters who have passed look down on us and smile. We make all their faults look good. We write about them like they were mothers in the Donna Reed category.

Again,we were left here to bring people's memories back. So we had better do a good job or we are sure as heck going to hear about it when we get there.

Hugs to you, I understand.

Linda Seccaspina

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