Saturday, April 26, 2008

Okay, I Give In

The blog title says it all. "Missed it by THAT much." TV trivia buffs and children of the sixties will recognize the popular phrase coined by the infamous Maxwell Smart, of "Get Smart" (pictured above). I like it because let's face it: sometimes, aren't we all a day late, a dollar short, an inch behind, a minute slow?

And yes, I've been slow about jumping on the bandwagon. Joining the 21st Century. Getting hip. Starting a blog. My resistance has mainly been the concern that time spent blogging will take away precious time I could be using to pursue my freelance writing with the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications. Hey, there are only so many hours in a day, know what I mean? But other writers seem to manage and maybe this will help spur new creative juices. So what the heck. I'll give it a go.

If anything, a blogly obligation might serve as a good excuse when I have less desirable items to tend to. You know, stuff like: Scrub the tub? In a moment, first I must blog. Walk the dog? Just as soon as I blog. Do the laundry? No quandary, right after I blog. Take out the trash? In a flash, when I blog.

Hey, I'm liking this blog business already.

So I guess now would be the time to write an insightful introduction to my new blog. Something pithy, persuasive and eloquent. Something that will endear me to new readers and make them lie in anxious wait, quivering with eager anticipation of my next posting. And I'll write that introduction soon.

But first I must scrub the tub.
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